Thinking of Switching to an Electric Forklift? Here’s Why You Should Do it

Electric Forklifts

Forklift manufacturers have made significant improvements to the overall design, user experience and energy-saving properties of these heavy machines. Where diesel forklifts are extremely powerful vehicles, they aren’t very eco-friendly and, as a result, aren’t suitable for use indoors.

An LPG forklift is far more environmentally-friendly in comparison, but they still give off some emissions, albeit very little. With this in mind, an electric forklift is the only machine that’s completely clean whilst also performing excellently whenever needed. So why else should you opt for electric forklifts and how can they benefit your business?

Why should you go electric?

Electric forklifts are becoming very commonplace in warehouses today and for one important reason – the environment. As a sustainable option for warehouse owners, it’s no wonder that electric vehicles are being chosen over their counterparts. As well as this, electric forklift trucks also offer the latest in material handling technology, meaning that driver comfort and usability is far superior to older models that are powered by alternative means.

With those factors in mind, PHL – material handling experts – claim that “the future of forklifts is electric”.

According to PHL; “the growing popularity of electric forklifts is hard to ignore. Many of our customers have recently taken the first step away from diesel and gas by investing in…[an] electric forklift”, and for very good reason.

There are several benefits to swapping out your diesel or LPG machine for an electric forklift. Being aware of those advantages might be all you need to implement an entire fleet of these eco-friendly, affordable, powerful machines.

What are the benefits of an electric forklift?

The rise of the electric forklift has forced warehouse owners to take notice of climate change and re-evaluate the ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprints. But this is merely a bonus when you look into exactly what an electric forklift has to offer.

Where they might not be deemed to be as powerful as their diesel or LPG counterparts, they’re surprisingly durable, powerful and robust machines. This means that electric forklifts are just as capable of performing heavy tasks and applications, whether it be inside or outdoors, as alternative forklift types. But how else can an electric forklift benefit your business?

They perform powerfully

Despite common belief, an electric forklift is an extremely powerful machine with impressive lifting capabilities and state-of-the-art technology at the helm. Some of the advanced technology that’s now fitted as standard on brand new electric forklifts include:

  • Tighter controls and handling
  • Regenerative braking
  • Effortless manoeuvrability
  • Electric power steering
  • Excellent speed control

As an innovative, up and coming option that’s set to be the most used forklifts of them all, manufacturers are putting more time into enhancing the usability, comfort and safety of electric forklifts rather than diesel or even LPG alternatives. This means that, eventually, an electric forklift will be a cut above the rest.

They’re affordable to operate

You won’t have to worry about the expense of powering your electric forklift. The cost of running this particular machine is far less than what would be spent fuelling diesel or LPG alternatives. If saving money is one of your top priorities, then switching from diesel or LPG forklifts to an electric fleet would be a highly cost-effective option for you overall.

They’re incredibly environmentally-friendly

As already touched upon, an electric forklift gives off zero emissions, making it kind to the environment and also to your staff. An electric forklift can, therefore, be used indoors with absolute peace of mind that your workers are not breathing in harmful toxins whilst they carry out their roles.

Maintenance costs are relatively low

An electric forklift has fewer moving parts than diesel or LPG forklifts and, in turn, this makes maintenance a stress-free affordable experience for warehouse owners. While long-term running costs are reduced, you’ll be saving money further by benefiting from little required maintenance of an electric vehicle.

This also means that you’ll experience less downtime, meaning that productivity levels should improve and overall efficiency throughout your warehouse will increase. As long as the battery is kept in good condition and is serviced as and when needed, you’ll experience many hours of uninterrupted service with an electric forklift.

They’re ideal for use throughout any warehouse

Regardless of the industry you work in, electric forklifts will be able to operate throughout a warehouse that manages a variety of different items of every nature. They’re even able to operate in and around a warehouse that stores, transports and distributes perishable items, such as food and beverages. However, they’re powerful enough to make short work of tasks that need to be carried out in a manufacturing or construction setting.

You’ll experience a reduction in noise in the workplace

If you’re going from a diesel or LPG forklift to an electric one, you’ll likely notice a significant difference in the noise levels that are experienced throughout a normal day in the warehouse. This is paramount for protecting your workers as loud and persistent noise over a prolonged period of time has the ability to damage a person’s hearing. A quiet working environment will make your employees feel comfortable and at ease throughout their day and for the foreseeable future.

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