Used Forklifts in Coalville

Refurbished Forklifts are proud to provide our customers across Coalville with reconditioned warehouse equipment, meticulously restored to a superior quality ensuring our machines stand the test of time to give you many years of uninterrupted service.

We understand that having high-calibre, reliable machinery at the helm of your operations is imperative to the smooth-running of your business operations, no matter what industry you’re in. But not every warehouse owner has the budget to buy brand new equipment outright. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a variety of used, carefully refurbished material handling machines, including second-hand forklifts, for a reasonable price. We’re committed to finding you the best possible solution that’ll meet both your needs and your budget.

Here at Refurbished Forklifts, we have a dedicated, onsite workshop where our team of high-skilled engineers work tirelessly around the clock ro repair and restore the second-hand machines we acquire. Each and every one of the vehicles we have available have been safety and quality checked down to the tiniest detail, so you’ll always have peace of mind that your workers will be safe behind the wheel of one of our material handling machines.

In addition to having high-calibre, refurbished warehouse equipment available to rent or buy, our specialist team always endeavour to deliver exceptional customer service that you’ll always be able to count on. We’re always on hand to impart professional advice and guidance when you need it most. No matter what it is you need, we’ll always be there to provide you with solid, high-quality, reconditioned material handling equipment and a service you can trust.

From wanting to reduce your carbon footprint with the help of effective, quiet, used electric forklifts in Coalville to improving overall efficiency and productivity throughout your warehouse with refurbished LPG forklifts, we’ll always have what you’re looking for, regardless of your needs or budget.

Used Forklifts

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Used & Fully Refurbished Electric Forklifts

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Used & Fully Refurbished LPG Forklifts

Choose Refurbished Forklifts for quality machinery

We have a committed team of professionals at the helm of our operations here at Refurbished Forklifts, ensuring our customers throughout Coalville are supplied with refurbished warehouse machinery that will stand the test of time. We strive to give all businesses in any industry the opportunity to acquire robust, high-calibre material handling equipment, regardless of its size. 

If you look to Refurbished Forklifts for all of your material handling needs,you’ll be spoilt for choice. As well as used electric forklifts and refurbished LPG forklifts available in Coalville, we’re also pleased to be able to offer an abundance of other machines, including:

We have over 30 years of experience in the material handling industry, so you’ll always be able to look to Refurbished Forklifts to provide you with strong, robust material handling equipment of superior quality. No matter what sector you work in, your budget or your warehouse needs,we’ll be able to provide you with the ultimate solution.

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Reconditioned material handling equipment in Coalville

Refurbished Forklifts are proud to be accredited Mitsubishi and Caterpillar dealers, enabling us to supply customers throughout Coalville with used warehouse equipment that’ll give you many years of reliable, trusted service.

As well as Mitsubishi and Caterpillar, we also have a number of other machines available that have been manufactured by some of the most renowned brands in the material handling industry, including:

  • JCB
  • Toyota
  • CombiLift
  • Aisle-Master
  • Puma
  • iCEM
  • Hako
  • Crown
  • Grove
  • Genie

To ensure that our customers throughout Coalville have the option to acquire all the warehouse equipment they need, we have a number of different payment plans and options available. You’ll have the opportunity to rent, purchase or lease purchase the reconditioned warehouse equipment we have available. Should you need any expert help and advice, you’ll always be able to look to our team to help.

If you’d like more information about how our team here at Refurbished Forklifts can help you today, get in touch with us at a time that best suits you. Regardless of what it is you require, we’ll always be able to provide you with a solution that’ll effortlessly suit both your needs and your budget.